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To achieve positive health outcomes in our communities we rely on active promotion of healthy lifestyles, avoidance of disease, injury and infections, and protection and empowerment the vulnerable and empowering the disadvantaged.


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Public Health, Health Promotion & Advocacy

  1. 1910

  2. 1920

  3. 1921

    Insulin was discovered

  4. 1924

    Connaught Laboratories began testing diphtheria toxoid

  5. 1930

  6. 1932

    Elizabeth Bagshaw founded Canada’s first birth control clinic

  7. 1940

  8. 1941

    Brock Chisholm became the Canadian Army’s Director of Personnel Selection and introduced mental health as a component of recruitment and management

  9. 1949

    Recognizing a need for improved access to rehabilitation services, Dr. Gustave Gingras founded and directed the Rehabilitation Institute of Montreal

  10. 1950

  11. 1950s

    Already an icon in the field of physical therapy, Dr. Gingras became a Canadian hero during the polio epidemic

  12. 1960

  13. 1961

    Exploring National Health Insurance

  14. 1963

    Gingras responded to another Canadian tragedy: thalidomide

  15. 1968

    National Medicare was introduced

  16. 1969

    The Birth Control Clinic became legal

  17. 1969

    Vitamin D was added to bottled milk across Quebec

  18. 1970

  19. 1974

    The National Food Distribution Centre for the Treatment of Metabolic Diseases was created

  20. 1975

    Palliative Care in Canada

  21. 1975

    Dr. Mount persuaded the leadership of the Royal Victoria Hospital and McGill University to open the first comprehensive palliative care service at the Royal Victoria Hospital

  22. 1977

    Dr. Philip Berber began documenting torture sequelae in refugee claimants

  23. 1980

  24. April 12, 1980

    Marathon of Hope

  25. 1985

    Dr. Mount published the Royal Victoria Hospital Manual on Palliative and Hospice Care

  26. 1986

    The Centre for Agricultural Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan was founded

  27. 1987

    As a response to the growing AIDS crisis, Dr. Chrétien chaired a commission on AIDS that resulted in a broad set of health and social recommendations

  28. 1987

    In response to the stigma around AIDS, Philip Berger founded the Toronto HIV Primary Care Physicians Group and established the HIV Project Centre Primary Care Mentor Program to educate doctors and…

  29. 1988

    The Agriculture Health and Safety Network began as a joint venture between the Centre for Agricultural Medicine, Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities and six Saskatchewan rural…

  30. 1989

    Despite increased international commitments, Dr. Macklem never wavered in his support for Canadian medicine and research

  31. 1990

  32. Later years

    Fraser Mustard devoted his time and energy to early childhood development

  33. 1992

    Dr. Naylor was named the inaugural chief executive of the renowned Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES)

  34. 1992

    Dr. Tator founded ThinkFirst Canada

  35. 1993

    Dr. Mount played an integral role in the development of the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians

  36. 1993

    James Dosman became the founding Chair of the Canadian Coalition for Health and Safety in Agriculture

  37. 1995

    The Ottawa Health Decision Center was founded by Annette O'Connor and her team

  38. 1999

    Under the leadership of Dr. Mount, the McGill Program in Whole Person Care began this year

  39. 2000

  40. 2000

    Demonstrating her leadership on an international scale, Dr. O’Connor co-led the Oxford Forum on Shared Decision Making

  41. 2000

    Dr. Wainberg established the Journal of the International AIDS Society

  42. 2000

    When the Canadian Institutes of Health Research was formed in 2000, they chose health policy leader Dr. David Naylor as their inaugural governor

  43. 2001

    Dr. Annette O’Connor and her team established the first open access international inventory of patient decision aids and decision guides.

  44. 2002

    The Canadian Brain and Nerve Health Coalition was established

  45. 2003

    Creation of the Public Health Agency of Canada

  46. 2006

    Dr. O’Connor founded and co-led the Inaugural International Patient Decision Aids Standards Collaboration

  47. 2007

    Agrivita Canada Inc. was formed through the leadership of Dr. Dosman

  48. 2010

  49. 2011

    Dr. James Dosman led the International Labour Organization’s effort to design an international safety code

  50. 2011

    Initiated by Dr. Jacalyn Duffin, the Canada Drug Shortage website was launched

  51. 2012

    Philip Berger co-founded Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care, coordinating nationwide protests by physicians against cuts to refugee health

  52. 2020

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